Checklist For Wellness

Checklist For WellnessRecent studies have shown that preventive medical care for your pet can extend a dog’s life 3 to 6 years and a cat’s life 10 to 15 years. Our goal at the Animal & Bird Clinic is to keep your best friend happy and healthy for as long as possible. Following these simple steps will accomplish this worthwhile goal:

  • Regular exercise
  • Home prepared or other high quality diet prepared with Missing Link and Welactin Salmon Oil supplements
  • Annual comprehensive exam (twice yearly after age 8)
  • Yearly grading of teeth (1-4), regular dental cleanings, daily brushing of teeth and weekly application of OraVet gel for dogs. (Every two weeks for cats.)
  • Annual wellness blood tests for seniors (7+ year of age) Twice yearly for super seniors (12+ years)
  • Year-round flea/heartworm control
  • Yearly vaccine evaluation OR vaccine titer evaluation
  • Yearly fecal and heartworm exams
  • Lots and lots of love and interaction
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