How A “Greener” Flea Control Can Affect Pet Longevity

How A Greener Flea Control Can Affect Pet LongevityI recently attended the 8th Annual Holistic Veterinary Medicine Symposium at UC Davis. The speakers included Martha Stewart’s veterinarian, Dr. Marty Goldstein, who specializes in holistic medicine for maintaining wellness and treating cancer. Also speaking was Dr. Greg Olgllvle, who has authored many books on cancer, was Director of the Animal Cancer Center at the Colorado State Veterinary School for decades, and is now Director of Cancer Clinic for Animals in San Diego. The meeting emphasis was on the prevention and treatment of cancer. The incidence of cancer has risen by a 70% rate over the last 10 years. Currently 50% of our patients will have cancer during their lifetime.

While this statistic is alarming, there are a number of preventative measures that can be done to increase our pet’s longevity, mainly involving the avoidance of toxins found in some commercially prepared foods, vaccines and flea treatments. Feeding home prepared organic vegetables, meats and brown rice will have the most dramatic effect on preventing cancer. Utilizing conservative vaccination protocols will reduce auto-immune disorders. Lastly, controlling fleas without pesticides will increase the longevity and comfort of our companion animal’s lives.

Recently, an environmentally friendly “green” flea treatment was introduced by ELANCO. Comfortis is a non-toxic pill given once a month to dogs. Fleas are killed rapidly, before they can lay eggs. This is a wonderful product to combat a ommon dermatological disease and also bring relief to people like myself who are also allergic to the bite of a flea.

See your veterinarian for more information on Comfortis. As a holistic veterinarian, our goal is to keep your pets healthy into their mid-teens and only see them annually for wellness exams. The goal of holistic veterinary medicine is to not only treat symptoms, but also create a lifestyle that nurtures an animal’s physical and mental well-being.

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